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23000 Workers Needed at Canadian Pacific Railway – Salary $20/Hourly – Apply

The Canada Pacific Railway Line is looking for about 230 workers to take up new positions in their network located across different cities in Canada. They need cleaners, drivers, loaders, marketers, casual staff, securities, etc. Canada Pacific (CP) Railway Company pride themselves in offering a variety of careers anchored by precision, genuineness, strength, passion and accountability. Find your railroader career and help us keep things moving. Our culture is one of hard work, accountability and doing what we say we’ll do. Why? Because we want to see our customers’ businesses grow. When you join CP, you’ll be part of a company more than 135-years-old that’s known for building businesses and building a nation. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Our professional and salaried positions are located across Canada and the United States.


We’re a large company, and we know it’s important to control costs. We are always asking if we can do things faster, better and less expensively, and the answer is usually “yes”. Our financial specialists support us in strategically understanding and managing our financial resources. Finance is organized into six groups: Internal Audit, Corporate Planning (Investor Relations), Comptroller (General Accounting and Corporate Reporting, Customer Service Finance, Accounting Service Centre), Taxation, Treasury, and Strategic Sourcing.


One employee focused on a plan is powerful — 15,000 are unstoppable. Our Human Resources and Industrial Relations teams are continually developing new and better ways to build a work environment that supports both our business and individual goals. The Human Resources and Industrial Relations team comprises several teams working in partnership with managers and employees, including Industrial Relations, Total Compensation, HR Field, HR Service Centre and HR Planning and Development.

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Our team of I.T. professionals design, manage and maintain the complex computer networks and databases that power our railway. Trains would not move without the many different specialists who ensure our information assets are stored safely and protected, processed and transmitted in a timely manner. The Information Services team is organized into eight groups: Enterprise Security, Application Support, Optimization, Design Services, Infrastructure and Operations, SAP Application Delivery, Compliance and Contract Management, and Information and Data Management.


We are exposed to various business risks and uncertainties that can have serious effects. Law and Risk Management mitigates these risks and is organized into three functional groups: Enterprise Risk Management, Internal Audit, and General Claims.


We know that what’s considered A+ today is B- tomorrow. Our standards and our offerings are always getting better. At the core of this value is delivering what we have promised to our customers. Our Marketing & Sales team members are the experts in improving our business, as well as our customers’. The department is made up of three major product groups including Bulk, Intermodal and Merchandise.


Open dialogue with employees and the public is important, and our Corporate Affairs team maintains the lines of communication. Groups that fall under the Corporate Affairs include Corporate Communications and Public Affairs, Facilities, Investor Relations and Real Estate.

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